In this episode:


Moronic best friends get themselves locked inside the Bio-Dome, a science experiment, along with a group of environmental scientists for one year.

Things we discussed in this episode:

  • We talk about the recent events of the world and our take on everything going on.  
  • Ryan wonders why no one picks his movies in the movie poll. 
  • Ryan calls this movie a financial DIE-saster because it only made 13 million in the box office. The film’s budget was 15 million.
  • We go to Tangent City and talk about the Macarena and songs that were overplayed by Ashley’s Mom.  
  • Ryan talks about visiting the Bio-Dome in Tucson. (We forgot to look up if this movie was filmed at this Bio-Dome.  It was filmed primarily at a water reclamation plant in Van Nuys, CA.)

Our Predictions: Ashley and Ryan agree that the movie will NOT hold up.

  • We mention The Ruiners Club…did you know you could join this club for free? 
  • “So many devils wear Prada.” -Ashley 
  • We discuss Mel Brooks.
  • Ashley confesses a dark shame. 
  • There is a lot of things that don’t age well in this movie. 
  • Did you know fart jokes are a thing?
  • We discuss the soundtrack and how it’s actually good.  Safety Dance, anyone?
  • Jack Black sighting.
  • We bring up the biggest plot hole of the film: how these two trash hole men ever won over any of the women in this movie. 
  • We ask the question: Are we supposed to like Bud and Doyle in this film?  

Award Winners:

Ryan: The “Cagey”– Stephen Baldwin (Doyle)

The “Hanxy”– Taylor Negron (Russell).

Ashley:  The “Cagey” – Stephen Baldwin (Doyle)

The “Hanxy”– Joey Lauren Adams ( Monique)

Does it hold up?

Ryan: Nope.

Ashley: Also nope.

Facts from 1996:

  • This movie was released on January 12th, 1996.
  • Hit TV Shows:
    • ER
    • Seinfeld
    • Suddenly Susan
  • Hit Songs:
    • “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey ft. Boyz II Men
    • “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs and Harmony
    • “Macarena” by Los Del Rio
  • Hit Movies: 
    • “Independence Day”
    • “Twister”
    • “Mission Impossible”
  • Where you can stream it:
    • Amazon Prime (free with subscription), HOOPLA, VUDU (free with ads).
    • Rent on various streaming services.


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